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Welcome to Coding Bricks Computer Science Academy

Elementary and Middle School students can develop a foundation of computer science knowledge and learn new approaches to problem solving that harness the power of computational thinking.


Learn computer science to develop the ability to think logically, abstractly and creatively to solve compex and challenging problems.


Use your computer science skills to drive innovation in science, engineering, business, entertainment and education.


Computer Science is one of those fields where it is almost impossible to predict what will happen next. Imagine all the ways that you can use computer science to make your life's work exciting and real.


Computer Scientists are highly sought after and in great demand. Computer Science jobs are among the highest paid and have the highest job satisfaction.


Visual Programming Scratch is a visual block-based programming language developed by MIT Media Lab that is easy to learn for kids. Using Scratch, you can create online games, projects, and more. Scratch will give you a good foundation of many key programming concepts.
Python Python is suitable for learning programming as a first language because of its simple syntax. In addition, it is currently gaining popularity for uses in Machine Learning, AI, and Web Devlopment.
Java Learn computer science concepts using Java, an advanced programming language that is commonly taught in High School AP Computer Science. Java is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world that can run on all different devices, from smartphones to desktop computers and is used to develop Games, Android Apps, E-Commerce and much more.
Android Development Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world with more than 85% market share. Catering to a mobile audience will be a key skill in the future. In this pathway you will learn how to use Android Studio and Java to make great mobile apps.
Machine Learning for Kids Machine learning is all around us. We all use machine learning systems every day - such as spam filters, recommendation engines, language translation services, chatbots and digital assistants, search engines, and fraud detection systems. It's important that kids are aware of how our world works. The best way to understand the capabilities and implications is to be able to build with this technology for themselves.
USACO Bronze USACO is the one of the most prestigious Computer Science Contests. Doing well in USACO online contests serves as a good indicator of one's ability in algorithmic thinking and problem-solving skills. USACO is offered in four increasingly difficult divisions starting with Bronze.


Rohan Hi, I'm a high school student and national cyber scholarship finalist who loves to coach and do Math, Competitive Programming, Software Development, Robotics, and CyberSecurity. I take part in many competitions including CyberPatriot, USACO, FTC, and numerous Hackathons. In addition, I have made many projects, including an app on the Play Store called Hangman Ad Free
Open Position Do you share our enthusiasm in building a strong foundation in computer science for the next generation of programmers? Would you like to be an instructor for Coding Bricks? Please fill out this form.


What is your mission?

Our mission is to build a strong foundation in computer science and programming for each student, one student at a time.

Why should I use Coding Bricks to learn Computer Science?

Research from educational psychology and studies have shown that the most effective way for kids to build a strong foundation in computer science and programming is by pairing them with a coach and tailoring individual feedback based on a two-way dialogue augmented with additional online and offline resources.

Why should elementary and middle school kids learn Computer Science?

There are several advantages of learning computer science in elementary and middle school. First, learning programming empowers kids. Coding puts children in control of the computer and through experimentation builds mastery in sequencing skills, counting, problem solving, logical thinking, cause and effect, and critical thinking. Additionally, children can express themselves through code and find it cool to create games, apps, and websites and to even control robots. The earlier we introduce coding to children, the more comfortable they will become with computers and technology and the more successful they will become when presented with more challenging learning opportunities.

How are lessons taught?

Lessons are taught via zoom or in-person.

How do I decide which Computer Science Pathway is best for me/my child?

We recommend starting with Scratch for younger kids to learn computer science concepts using visual blocks. Python is great as a first language for kids who are ready to start learning computer science by writing real code. Java would be good for kids who want to take AP Computer Science in High School, develop Android Apps or go into competitive programming. Knowing Java is a pre-requisite for Android development. We recommend USACO Bronze for students who are already at intermediate level with their Java/C++/Python skills and are ready to dive into competitive programming.

How can I track the student's progress?

We will send a lesson recap after every lesson to track the student’s progress.

How much do the lessons cost?

First lesson is free. If you like the first lesson, you can continue the lessons at only $99 per month for one on one coaching. Reduced fee lessons are available for students with financial hardship. We start where the student is at and continue at a pace that makes sure our students are learning new concepts and exploring new pathways as long as they continue their learning journey with us.

When is the next lesson available?

Please reach out to check availability.

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